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  • Sim takes delivery of clean energy power stations June 21, 2018
    VANCOUVER — Portable Electric, the manufacturer of clean energy power stations, has delivered nine lithium-ion battery power stations to Sim ( in a move to increase sustainability in film. Sim is a supplier of studios, production equipment, workflow/dailies and post production solutions with offices spanning North America. The company is taking a leadership role in […]
  • Temp Love moves into 32Ten Studios June 21, 2018
    SAN RAFAEL, CA — Audio story-tellers Temp Love ( are celebrating their five-year anniversary with a new home base, having recently relocated into the historic 32Ten Studios site in San Rafael. The Temp Love team is comprised of 20 audio professionals nationwide – composers, mixers, music supervisors and music legal specialists. 32Ten Studios is the […]
  • Santa Monica College adds JVC ProHD cameras June 20, 2018
    SANTA MONICA, CA — Santa Monica College has added JVC GY-HM890 ProHD cameras to the production studio in its new Center for Media and Design. The studio features three GY-HM890s, paired with JVC FS-790 ProHD fiber optic system modules, which connect directly to the camera body via a hidden 68-pin connector. Each camera is mounted […]
  • Chad Cortvriendt to lead Mr. Wolf's new Vancouver VFX studio June 19, 2018
    LOS ANGELES — Visual effects studio Mr. Wolf ( has opened a new studio in Vancouver. The company, which also has operations in Los Angeles and New York, has hired veteran VFX producer Chad Cortvriendt to head the new location as executive producer. Cortvriendt is currently leading a team of artists in creating visual effects […]
  • Nomad adds to NYC editorial team June 19, 2018
    NEW YORK CITY — Creative editorial company, Nomad (, which has offices in Manhattan, Los Angeles and London, has added editor Jojo King to its New York team. With an eye and ear for fashion, beauty and the arts, King has contributed to music videos, such as Janelle Monae’s new single Pynk and Moses Sumney’s  Worth It, […]
  • Adobe previews Project Rush app for creating online videos June 19, 2018
    SAN JOSE, CA — At the VidCon 2018 convention in Anaheim, CA, Adobe is previewing Project Rush, a new product in its video family of tools. Project Rush is an all-in-one, cross-device video editing application that makes creating and sharing online content easy.  
  • Editor Rami D’Aguiar joins the Nice Shoes team June 19, 2018
    NEW YORK CITY — Editor Rami D’Aguiar has signed on with Nice Shoes (, bringing with him credits that include work for brands such as Mitsubishi, Pepsi, Fiat and Heineken, amongst many others. D’Aguiar comes to Nice Shoes through the efforts of the studio’s executive producer, development, TJ Sponzo, who has a focus on curating […]
  • Rachel Matchett to head Technicolor Visual Effects June 19, 2018
    LONDON — Technicolor ( has hired Rachel Matchett, who will head the post production group’s newly formalized VFX brand, Technicolor Visual Effects. Working side-by-side within the same facilities where post production services are offered, Technicolor Visual Effects is expanding to a global offering with an integrated pipeline. Technicolor’s recognized VFX brands include MPC, The Mill, […]
  • Friends of Mine creates graphics package for PromaxBDA Awards June 18, 2018
    DENVER/NEW YORK CITY — Emmy Award-winning design and branding studio Friends of Mine (FOM) ( created and produced an inspired graphics show package for the 2018 PromaxBDA Awards show which took place in June at the New York Hilton Hotel in Manhattan. The honor of designing the package each year is by invitation-only to some […]
  • Carol Dunn joins music house Human Worldwide as EP June 18, 2018
    LOS ANGELES — Music house Human Worldwide ( has hired Carol Dunn as their newest executive producer. She joins Human from post house PS260, where she served as executive producer in its West Coast office for two years. 

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  • Google Patent on Structured Data Focuses upon JSON-LD June 17, 2018
    Search Using Structured Data Structured Data is information that is set out in a way which makes it easy for a search engine to read easily. Some examples include XML markup in XML sitemaps and schema vocabulary found in JSON-LD scripts. A search engine that answers questions based upon crawling and indexing facts found within […]
  • Schema, Structured Data, and Scattered Databases such as the World Wide Web June 14, 2018
    Visiting Seattle to Speak about Structured Data I spoke at SMX Advanced this week on Schema markup and Structured Data, as part of an introduction to its use at Google. I had the chance to visit Seattle, and tour some of it. I took some photos, but would like to go back sometimes and take […]
  • Google to Offer Combined Content (Paid and Organic) Search Results June 7, 2018
    Google Introduces Combined Content Results This new patent is about “Combined content. What does that mean exactly? When Google patents talk about paid search, they refer to those paid results as “content” rather than as advertisements. This patent is about how Google might combine paid search results with organic results in certain instances. The recent […]
  • PageRank Updated April 24, 2018
    PageRank Updated by Continuation Patent A popular search engine developed by Google Inc. of Mountain View, Calif. uses PageRank.RTM. as a page-quality metric for efficiently guiding the processes of web crawling, index selection, and web page ranking. Generally, the PageRank technique computes and assigns a PageRank score to each web page it encounters on the […]
  • 3 Ways Query Stream Ontologies Change Search March 5, 2018
    How Query Streams Might be Used to Build Ontologies What are query stream ontologies, and how might they change search? Search engines trained us to use keywords when we searched – to try to guess what words or phrases might be the best ones to use to try to find something we are interested in. […]
  • Related Questions now use a Question Graph and are Joined by ‘People Also Search For’ Refinements February 19, 2018
    I recently bought a lemon tree and wanted to learn how to care for it. I started asking about it at Google, which provided me with other questions and answers related to caring for a lemon tree. As I clicked upon some of those, others were revealed that gave me more information that was helpful. […]
  • Google’s Mobile Location History January 29, 2018
    If you use Google Maps to navigate from place to place, or if you have agreed to be a local guide for Google Maps, there is a chance that you have seen Google Mobile Location history information. There is a Google Account Help page about how to Manage or delete your Location History. The location […]
  • Does Google Use Latent Semantic Indexing? January 22, 2018
    There was a park in the town in Virginia where I used to live that had been a railroad track that was turned into a walking path. At one place near that track was a historic turntable where cargo trains might be unloaded so that they could be added to later trains or trains headed […]

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