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  • Chartbeat’s Attention Minutes Metric Accredited By Media Rating Council September 30, 2014
    Real-time analytics firm Chartbeat, one of the leading advocates for dumping the page view for attention minutes as the primary measurement of digital success — and therefore advertising currency — announced this week that its metrics have been accredited by the Media Rating Council.... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • The Promise Of Programmatic: Elevating Creative To Connect On Every Impression [#awxi] September 30, 2014
    So is programmatic “The Wave of the Future or the Latest Shining Object”? The consensus among panelists tasked with that question here at Advertising Week: it’s both, and marketers and agencies need to embrace the future. Programmatic “allows us to get much better creative... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Orchestrating Content Marketing On A Global Scale September 30, 2014
    Columnist Rebecca Lieb discusses the necessary ingredients for a successful global content marketing initiative. The post Orchestrating Content Marketing On A Global Scale appeared first on Marketing Land. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • In Native Advertising, Brands Win When They Know The Audience [#awxi] September 30, 2014
    If there’s one key to success in native advertising, it’s knowing your audience. That was one of the themes that came up repeatedly Monday during an Advertising Week panel titled “Make the Logo Smaller – How Brands Win When Advertising Takes a Back Seat to Content.”... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Marketing Day: Google Shuts Down Orkut, Facebook Launches Atlas & Up Close With Ello September 29, 2014
    Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. From Marketing Land: Sheryl Sandberg & Katie Couric On Thriving Amidst Seismic Platform Shifts It’s a mobile world and both Katie Couric and Sheryl Sandberg are... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Sheryl Sandberg & Katie Couric On Thriving Amidst Seismic Platform Shifts September 29, 2014
    It’s a mobile world, and both Katie Couric and Sheryl Sandberg are doing their best to help their companies adapt. Couric and Sandberg, two of the top executives in the media-industrial complex, kicked off the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s MIXX conference today in New York with a discussion... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Studio Launches Competition To Gamify Game That Will Promote Upcoming “Shaun The Sheep” Film September 29, 2014
    Once upon a time, movie marketing consisted of posters, billboards and TV commercials. My, how we’ve grown up over the years! Who would have thought an app game could be used to promote a movie release? Well, that’s pretty much standard practice now for certain films. One such film,... Please visit Marketing Land for the […]
  • YouTube VP Of Content Tom Pickett Leaves Company September 29, 2014
    The Wall Street Journal reported last Friday that YouTube’s Vice President Tom Pickett had left the company. “Tom has played an important role over the last seven years growing YouTube’s operations and content partnerships organizations,” YouTube said in a statement to the... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • How To Create Hands-Off Display Campaigns That Deliver Results September 29, 2014
    There are literally billions of possible combinations an advertiser can choose from to reach a target user, but not every company has the time nor the resources to take a trial-and-error approach to campaign strategy. For instance, what combination of audience demographics, gender, geographic... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Infographic: Requiem For Orkut As Google Pulls The Plug September 29, 2014
    Tomorrow, Google will shut down Orkut, its first attempt at a social network. Launched in January 2004 — a month before Facebook — and named after its creator, Google engineer Orkut Büyükkökten, Orkut was very popular in India and Brazil; especially, Brazil where it was the dominant social network... Please visit Marketing Land for the […]

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  • How To Create A 301 Redirect Map September 30, 2014
    Overhauling your site? Without a 301 redirect map, you risk losing valuable search equity. The post How To Create A 301 Redirect Map appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • It’s Not (All) About The Links: Communicating For Outreach September 30, 2014
    You've researched and identified your link building targets, but what's the best way to speak to them? The post It’s Not (All) About The Links: Communicating For Outreach appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • Google Testing Smartphone Friendly Icon In Search Results, Again September 30, 2014
    Google is once again showing mobile smartphone icons on smartphone friendly search results, while searching on your smartphone. Many searchers are noticing it and Brent Payne sent us a screen shot. Here is what the smartphone icon looks like on an iPhone using Chrome: This is what I see on my... Please visit Search Engine […]
  • SearchCap: Google Panda Losers, Right To Be Forgotten & Google’s 16th Birthday September 29, 2014
    Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: An AdWords Script To Make Exact Match, Well…Exact Many of you will have heard about Google’s decision to terminate exact match (at the same time as telling... Please visit Search Engine […]
  • An AdWords Script To Make Exact Match, Well…Exact September 29, 2014
    Many of you will have heard about Google’s decision to terminate exact match (at the same time as telling us that it’s for our own good). It’s a clear move to grab some more advertising dollars, and the news has been met with fury by SEM experts. Most two-year-old kids know that there is a... Please visit Search Engine Land for […]
  • User-Centered SEO: Creating Long-Term Value September 29, 2014
    CMOs understand that by its very nature, SEO rarely stays the same for long. The shift to putting end customers and users front and center is quite different from SEO practices of yesteryear. While this new SEO direction may seem daunting, it also opens up a huge realm of opportunity for those that... Please visit Search […]
  • Calculating The Risk Of Search Engine Spam September 29, 2014
    Contributor Shari Thurow describes what can happen if you don't follow search engine guidelines on SEO. The post Calculating The Risk Of Search Engine Spam appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • Udi Manber Moves To YouTube As Head Of Search September 29, 2014
    Udi Manber, a longtime Google search executive, has been shifted over to YouTube where he’ll lead search efforts on Google’s super-popular video sharing/viewing website. The news was first reported by the Wall Street Journal in an article about executive changes at YouTube. A Google... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • Are Games & Lyrics Sites Google Panda 4.1′s Biggest Losers? September 29, 2014
    Google began rolling out Panda 4.1 last week, a process that continues into this week, but we already have the winners and losers report from SearchMetrics. The biggest winners for Panda 4.1 based on this early report are sites in the news, content and download portal realm. While the biggest... Please visit Search Engine Land […]
  • Real Client Data On How Google’s Pigeon Update Affected Real Estate SEO September 29, 2014
    You might be surprised to find that, for one vertical at least, the results after Pigeon were not at all what one would have expected. The post Real Client Data On How Google’s Pigeon Update Affected Real Estate SEO appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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  • Research The “Big 3″ Before You Write Your Next Blog Post by @DylanThomasAU September 30, 2014
    Despite the picture, I’m not talking about Allies of World War II. Nor am I talking about anything to do with the Heat or Celtics. I’m talking about a Big 3 that is way more common for most bloggers or writers. Let’s put it in context. Here’s what used to be my method for writing a […]
  • How To Create AdWords Video Remarketing Campaigns: 3 Easy Steps by @Rocco_Zebra_Adv September 30, 2014
    Video content is no longer on the rise – it has taken its place among the royalty of content sources. Videos cross our paths everywhere we go, inlcuding on Amazon’s e-book bestseller lists, e.g. Tim Ferriss’s “The 4-Hour Cook” which resembles more a movie than a text-based ebook, on our phones with Vine or Instagram, […]
  • Yahoo To Retire Several Old Products, Including The Yahoo Directory by @mattsouthern September 29, 2014
    Yahoo recently announced they will be shifting their focus to what they feel are their core products, which means retiring a few products that no longer fit in with their core offerings. Yahoo says their core products are search, communications, digital magazines, and video — and shifting their focus to those products will allow them […]
  • Facebook Launches Rebuilt Atlas, A Rival To Google’s DoubleClick by @mattsouthern September 29, 2014
    Facebook has announced the launch of Atlas, an advertising platform which they say has been rebuilt from the ground up to “tackle today’s marketing challenges.” Facebook describes today’s marketing challenges as being able to reach people across devices, and bridging the gap between online impressions and offline purchases. Atlas will purportedly tackle those challenges with a […]
  • 3 Tips To Start Companies That Solve the World’s Problems #EmTech by @jboitnott September 29, 2014
    There was much to take away from MIT’s EmTech conference on future technology. Highlights included learning about the way drones are being used to make our crops grow better and about how Chinese search giant Baidu is delving into artificial intelligence by using deep learning. However, the overarching theme of the event was the young entrepreneur. Whether […]
  • Is Your Website Being Indexed Properly by Google? by @barriesmithii September 29, 2014
    One of the most common problems experienced when trying to rank in Google, is that your website is not currently being indexed correctly. If this is the case, it means Google is failing to access your web pages to index your site’s content effectively. To check whether your site is efficiently crawled and listed, you […]
  • How to Defend Against Content Theft by @neilpatel September 29, 2014
    It’s easy to steal content. With just a few keystrokes (CRTL + C and CTRL + V) anyone with an Internet connection can claim my content as their own. After all, it’s sitting in plain sight. How do you defend against content theft? Good content is valuable and expensive. I purchase the services of editors, […]
  • Why Visual Content Marketing Delivers Results [Infographic] by @MDMSEO September 28, 2014
    Consumers respond better to visual marketing, and this is one reason infographics became an instant home run when they burst onto the scene several years ago. While they continue to be a very effective form of online marketing, everyone and their brother were churning out infographics a couple of years ago. It now requires a […]
  • Discussing Conversion Rate Optimization and Website Strategy With Tiffany daSilva by @wonderwall7 September 27, 2014
    Roles that focus specifically on conversion rate optimization (which,  according to Qualaroo, is the “method of using analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of your website,” as well as improving other metrics as identified as KPIs), have become more popular in the last few years. One person who is excelling in this area […]
  • Facebook Partners With Stripe To Power Facebook’s “Buy” Button by @mattsouthern September 26, 2014
    Re/code reports that Facebook has partnered with Stripe to power a “Buy” button that will eventually be a part of the news feed. That’s the same service provided Twitter is using to power their Buy button, which just launched this month. The Buy button will allow Facebook users to purchase items featured in ads or […]

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  • AdWords upgrades with new mobile ads and real-time creatives September 29, 2014
    AdWords is upping their game with big changes in mobile design and small changes with big results for display. Let’s begin with mobile. I just wrote a post about how people pay more attention to ads on a smaller screen but simply shrinking your desktop ads to fit a smartphone isn’t how it should be […]
  • Study shows consumers are most receptive when they’re out in public September 29, 2014
    If I’m up against a deadline and I’m pounding away at the keyboard like a mad woman – don’t tell me what you want for Christmas or what we need at the grocery store. I might hear you, but I won’t HEAR you because my mind is closed off to anything but getting that article […]
  • Facebook launches Atlas, the anti-Ello ad platform September 29, 2014
    Did you feel the earth shift on its axis last week? No it wasn’t an earthquake. It was thousands of internet marketers, techies, and gurus all clamoring to gain access to the invite-only, “anti-Facebook” social network, Ello. I was one of them–although I can assure you I didn’t inhale and only wanted an invite for […]


  • Effective Branding: Utilising The Power Of Branding In Content Outreach September 28, 2014
    People listen to advice from people that they like and trust. In the digital age, often the people that are most trusted are those who we have never physically met.  Think of your favourite tech or hotel review blog and how invaluable their advice is. I, for one, would not dare to buy a new […]

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  • Sitelinks Search Box September 19, 2014
    Google’s new sitelinks search box threatens to take your hard won branded traffic and hand it over to competitors unless you implement the specified markup. Here’s what’s happening and why you need to bump the sitelinks search box markup implementation to the top of your priorities. Sitelinks Search Box On September 5th Google announced the […]

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  • As Icahn and Apple Pay fight to take credit, a spin-off won’t solve all PayPal’s problems September 30, 2014
    Carl Icahn deserves credit for loosening the lid on the eBay-PayPal spinoff jar, after nearly a year of activist shareholder fights in search of that outcome. But as the San Jose company announced today plans to complete the separation by early 2015, it’s Apple’s entrance into the mobile payments market via its newly revealed Apple Pay […]
  • Front raises $3.1M to take the misery out of enterprise email through intelligent collaboration September 30, 2014
    Email has long been the scourge of many office places, with inboxes often resembling warzones of unread messages, stars and tags, missing attachments, and all around chaos around next steps for each item. These problems are only exacerbated when multiple people are included on an email chain. Front is a shared inbox and collaboration platform […]
  • China’s strange support for Apple’s latest security features September 30, 2014
    Apple will be allowed to sell its new iPhones in China on October 17, according to a statement released by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is said to have delayed the smartphones’ launch in China due to concerns about their security features. China’s government has grown increasingly wary of Apple’s products in […]

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  • Study: Clickthrough rate continues to rise as reach drops on Facebook September 29, 2014
    Pages’ posts reach a smaller amount of their Facebook fanbase, but those who do see posts are engaging more and clicking on posts — according to a study by Komfo. The study took into account 8,000 brand...
  • How to deal with negative Facebook comments on your brand’s page September 29, 2014
    People use Facebook to share their latest thoughts and happenings, where they have been recently, what they have eaten recently and their thoughts on the recent news. Facebook is a place of sharing, with users sharing...
  • Facebook announces the new Atlas: a cross-platform ad network September 29, 2014
    As rumored, Facebook will announce today the relaunch of Atlas at Advertising Week in New York City. Atlas focuses on people-based marketing, getting away from cookies and enabling true cross-device advertising. Erik Johnson, the head of...
  • Infographic: Holiday Facebook marketing trends September 26, 2014
    As brands gear up for the holiday season, a survey by Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Offerpop shows that 92 percent of marketers polled planned to spend a majority of their budget for that time on Facebook....
  • Where are the top honeymoon destinations for Facebook users? September 26, 2014
    As spring and summer weddings give way to honeymoons, Facebook released data showing the top check-in locations for honeymoons. Sin City took the top spot, but Facebook discovered that newlyweds from the U.S. were much less...
  • Facebook redesigns birthday post flow September 25, 2014
    For some people, the only time they interact with their outer circle of Facebook friends is through the “Happy birthday” post. Facebook is trying to make this a little more visual, suggesting people add a photo...
  • Instagram’s Hyperlapse update: use of front camera added September 25, 2014
    Instagram on Thursday announced an update to its Hyperlapse app (currently only for iOS). Now, Hyperlapse users with the updated app can use their phone’s front-facing camera to take time-lapse videos. An Instagram spokesperson described the...
  • Study: CPG shoppers prefer Facebook over Twitter for brand interaction September 25, 2014
    A new study by G/O Digital detailing shoppers’ habits with consumer-packaged goods (CPG) brands shows that shoppers polled turn to Facebook more often than Twitter when it comes to engaging with food and beverage companies. The...
  • Study: Facebook fans who interact with the brand page make for higher-paying consumers September 25, 2014
    How valuable are Facebook fans? YetiData and Collective Bias conducted a four year-long study of a major grocery store’s Facebook page (150,000 fans), discovering that Facebook fans of the store on average bought 125 more items...
  • Infographic: Adoption of Facebook Messenger growing worldwide September 24, 2014
    Despite widespread panic over privacy concerns, a new infographic from GlobalWebIndex shows that the adoption of Facebook Messenger continues to grow in many countries. This may be somewhat unsurprising, given that Facebook has unbundled messaging from...

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  • Google: There Isn't A Magical SEO Advantage By Switching To HTTPS
    Google's John Mueller said in a video hangout 22 minutes and 21 seconds in that there is no magical SEO advantage when switching from HTTP to HTTPS. But didn't Google tell us that HTTPS is a ranking signal...
  • Google's New Mobile Display & Video Ads
    Google announced their next steps in what they think will improve display ads across desktop and mobile platforms. In the next few months, Google will begin rolling out "several mobile display ad formats and tools across the Google Display Network...
  • Moz: Google Answer Boxes Now Showing Up 60% More Often
    If you check out the Mozcast features tool, you may notice that the Answers box tracker shows a huge increase in the Google search results. This means that according to this tool, Google is now showing answers to queries at the top of the search results...
  • Matt Cutts Missing Google Search Quality?
    Back in July, Matt Cutts shocked the SEO industry by announcing his extended vacation - many thought he'd never come back. He has not come back yet, officially, so it is unclear if he will. But for one thing, it does seem he misses the search quality team and the SEO industry...
  • Android Slinkee
  • Daily Search Forum Recap: September 29, 2014
    Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today...
  • Bing Search Update Last Week Also?
    Everyone is talking about the big Google update, Panda 4.1 but there may have been a Bing search update last week also. One WebmasterWorld member said he believes there was a Bing update: Bing...
  • Google Panda 4.1 Now Rolling Out; Aims To Help Smaller Web Sites
    One of my fears was that Google would announce a big algorithm update while I was offline for Rosh Hashanah and they did just that - although the update was not Google Penguin, it was Google Panda related. This one...
  • Yahoo Directory Should Not Be Shut Down; It's Historical
    Yahoo announced that they are closing down the Yahoo Directory. Yahoo was founded on the directory...
  • Google AdWords Ad Customizers
    Google announced they are now rolling out a feature to AdWords advertisers named ad customizers. Ad customizers adapt your text ads to the full context of a search or the webpage someone's viewing. They can insert a keyword, the time left before a sale ends...


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  • Cooking Site And Online Shop Food52 Picks Up $6 Million More September 30, 2014
     Crowdsourced cooking and commerce site Food52 has extended its runaway a bit, picking up $6 million in additional funding in a round that’s being characterized as the company’s “Series A-1.” The round is led by Alex Zubillaga of investment firm 14W, who is now joining Food52’s board. Other investors include the Scripps Network Interactive (the parent company… Read More
  • Phraseboard Keyboard For iOS 8 Lets You Tap Once To Type Pet Phrases September 30, 2014
     If you frequently find yourself typing out the same pet phrases on your phone when texting or composing emails then point your fingers at this new keyboard app for iOS 8. Read More
  • This Political Video About Tech And SF’s Schools Is Too Depressingly Real September 30, 2014
     I’m normally loathe to talk about political ads, but this is actually a good idea., which is a Ron Conway-backed non-profit intended to represent tech companies at a civic level within San Francisco, is trying to get startups to “adopt” city public schools. They make a one-year minimum commitment to volunteer resources and time to […]
  • Fleksy Expands Its Distribution Footprint In A Bid To Rule The Keyboard Roost September 30, 2014
     Fleksy is following up its iOS 8 software keyboard launch with a debut on two new app markets, including the Samsung GALAXY Apps store and the Amazon Appstore. In time for this new availability, it’s also launching a new Android version that adds two new languages and also brings a brand new keyboard design for […]
  • Luxury Consignment Site Shop-Hers Makes Its Mobile Debut September 30, 2014
     Online consignment shops operate in a crowded market these days with a range of stores offering everything from eBay-like, peer-to-peer sales of clothes bought at The Gap and Target to high-end stores where luxury goods are authenticated, approved and sold on your behalf. One company making a dent on the latter side of that spectrum is Shop-Hers, a marketplace […]
  • The Ostrich Pillow Mellows Out With Mini Version September 30, 2014
     Once upon a time, in a world that wasn’t already made more bizarre by the existence of things like Yo or Cuddlr, a few guys decided to launch the Ostrich Pillow on Kickstarter. Back then, in 2013, it was one of the weirder things to come through the TechCrunch inboxes. Read More
  • The “Impossible” Projection Watch Hits $1.4 Million In Crowdfunding September 30, 2014
     In what I suspect will result in a refrain of “I told you so” from multiple parties, the crowdfunding for the Ritot projection watch – a watch that projects the time and other data on your wrist using a low-throw projector – has closed. The project raised $1.4 million on Indiegogo after extensive chatter about […]
  • Popcorn Time Finally Comes To iOS September 30, 2014
     Popcorn Time, the so-called Netflix for pirates, is now on iOS. It’s never been easier to watch pirated movies and TV shows on the iPhone or Android device. Is it illegal? Not really. Shady and not exactly ethical? Sure. Not surprisingly, Apple didn’t give the official nod to this app so Popcorn Time cannot be […]
  • Shared Inbox Front Pulls $3.1 Million To Optimize Your Email Workflow September 30, 2014
     Front is the front desk of your company. Whenever someone sends an email to your contact@, jobs@ or support@ email addresses, the email will appear in your team member’s Front accounts. Then, instead of forwarding the email, creating group emails and forgetting to CC someone, it works like a modern task manager. You can assign […]


  • 5 Compelling Social Apps September 30, 2014
    There are a number of applications I use every day, as well as several I have played with, that I thought I would share with you today. I have paid for some of these apps, and others compel me but I don’t really have a use for them yet; that said, I keep on returning […]
  • 4 Social Opportunities You Might Be Missing September 30, 2014
    If your audience has niche interests, it’s important to understand where they're spending time online. More and more, content marketers should look to these four social networks to add value to any content strategy.
  • Can't Find Time for Social Media? This Approach Will Help September 30, 2014
    Are you having trouble finding the time to use social media marketing? It may not be as daunting a task as you think. Use this approach and you'll be cashing in the social media benefits soon.
  • What Does It Mean to Be a Woman in Technology? Let’s Think Bigger September 30, 2014
    For many, the notion of being a "woman in technology" is focused on computer science and the tech industry. Should the definition be so narrow? Do we really want to send the message to girls and young women that aspiring to be coders and tech entrepreneurs is the best (or only) way they can make […]
  • 6 Ways to Turn Your Small Business into a Media Hub September 30, 2014
    Educate, inspire, communicate and deliver content that is relevant to your business but also has an element of human interest. In order to do this, you need to be strategic in how you connect paid, owned and earned channels in order to build awareness, brand evangelism and of course the Holy Grail, which is best […]

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  • Extrapolating Malware Detection with Rollup September 24, 2014
    Protecting Bing users from malware is a top priority for the Index Quality team. To that end, we analyze every signal available to us and determine not only whether the page is infected, but also whether it runs at a high risk of infection at a future date. One of the key elements of this […]
  • URL Keyword Stuffing Spam Filtering September 9, 2014
    As we alluded to in last week’s Index Quality blog, today’s update will focus on one specific spam filtering mechanism we rolled out a few months ago that targets a common spam technique known as URL keyword stuffing (KWS.) What is URL KWS? Like any other black hat technique, the goal of URL KWS, at […]

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  • 5 Facebook Ad Split Tests to Cut Lead Acquisition Costs September 29, 2014
    Do you use Facebook ads to promote your business? Are you looking to increase your ROI? Online advertising can be the best way to scale the growth of your business. The most important step is to figure out your best targeting options, and the way to do that is through testing. In this article I’ll […]
  • How to Capture More Email Leads With Social Media Contests September 29, 2014
    Do you want to capture more email leads? Are you running social media contests to grow your email list? Whether they’re run on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, social media contests and giveaways are a great way to collect emails. In this article you’ll discover how to make sure your social media contests and giveaways […]

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  • How to Improve your Title Click-Through Rate by 730% September 30, 2014
    Headlines are important. They attract people to read the rest of your content. They make sure to engage your audience, providing you that user activity your website needs. They make sure your article gets shared around the web. Or do they? Then why does 89% of articles in the entire web get less than 100 […]

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