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  • Marketing Day: Amazon Starts Black Friday Today, Facebook News Feed Challenge & More November 21, 2014
    Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. From Marketing Land: Apple Brings Programmatic To iAd, Partnering With Major Ad Tech Firms Apple announced Friday that it has partnered with several ad tech companies to... Please visit Marketing Land for the full […]
  • Apple Brings Programmatic To iAd, Partnering With Major Ad Tech Firms November 21, 2014
    Apple announced Friday that it has partnered with several ad tech companies to bring programmatic buying to iAd, it’s mobile ad network. The move will allow advertisers to automate ad buys and reporting across more than 250,000 iOS apps. The launch partners include MediaMath, The Trade Desk,... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • 5 Things CMOs Need To Know About APIs November 21, 2014
    Perhaps you’ve heard developers and techies refer to “APIs,” but you’re not quite sure why anything with such a technological acronym has any impact on marketing. Well, take heart. In this column, you’ll learn what exactly is meant when people invoke application... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Burt’s Bees Enlists Singer-Songwriters To Create Branded Vines November 21, 2014
    Working with Raleigh-based Baldwin& and media agency AKQA, lip balm brand Burt’s Bees teamed with husband-and-wife recording artists Us the Duo to create a series of four lip balm-themed Vine videos to promote the brand to millennials. The Vines will be supported by paid Tweets, targeted... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Black Friday Starts Today On November 21, 2014
    You may have heard a few recent comments from the retail and e-commerce industry about turning Black Friday into a shopping event that runs for the entire month of November. Leave it to Amazon to take the first step in that direction. On, Black Friday began today — a full week... Please visit Marketing […]
  • The Facebook News Feed Challenge: Learnings From #SMX Social November 21, 2014
    One of the hot topics at SMX Social Media Marketing this year was how marketers can get into the Facebook News Feed, given that the social network giant seems to be constantly throttling back the reach of organic content. Must we pay? Or are there other options? This was the focus of two different... Please visit […]
  • Livefyre Launches Livefyre Studio To Help Marketers Repurpose Social Content November 21, 2014
    Livefyre today announced the launch of a new content aggregation and publishing tool for websites, mobile apps and other digital marketing. Called Livefyre Studio, the new product puts “content at marketers’ fingertips, where they can fire it off to their websites, mobile apps and all of their... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • User Experience Smackdown: Usability Testing Vs. User Testing November 21, 2014
    What's the difference between user testing and usability testing? Contributor Shari Thurow explains the distinction. The post User Experience Smackdown: Usability Testing Vs. User Testing appeared first on Marketing Land. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Marketing Day: Top 20 Most Shared Ads Of 2014, Google Launches Contributor & More November 20, 2014
    Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. From Marketing Land: Twitter Now Lets You Share & Discuss Tweets Privately Twitter enhanced its back-channel discussion options today, enabling users to share and... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Twitter Now Lets You Share & Discuss Tweets Privately November 20, 2014
    Twitter enhanced its back-channel discussion options today, enabling users to share and discuss tweets via direct message. Now people will be able to send copies of tweets and comment on them out of the public eye. It’s not an earth-shattering change but it tightens a system that Twitter... Please visit Marketing Land for the full […]

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  • SearchCap: Search Market Share Report, Google Keyword Planner Adds Conversion Estimates & More November 21, 2014
    Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: Google Down Slightly, Bing-Yahoo Up In October comScore Search Report Google saw its share of the US search market drop slightly in October, while both Bing and... Please visit Search Engine […]
  • Google Down Slightly, Bing-Yahoo Up In October comScore Search Report November 21, 2014
    Google saw its share of the US search market drop slightly in October, while both Bing and Yahoo saw corresponding gains. That’s according to comScore’s October 2014 search engine rankings. ComScore estimates Google’s US market share at an even 67 percent for October, down from... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • Black Friday Is NEXT Week. Is Your Local Business Ready? November 21, 2014
    The holidays are right around the corner, and columnist Rachel Lindteigen provides helpful advice for how local business can prepare. The post Black Friday Is NEXT Week. Is Your Local Business Ready? appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • Search In Pics: GooglePlex Where’s Waldo, Jon Stewart At Reddit & Marissa Mayer The Crayon November 21, 2014
    In this week’s Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have, and more. YouTube Double Decker Bus: Source: Google+ Jon Stewart At Reddit: Source:... Please visit Search Engine Land […]
  • Bing Maps Helps Drivers Avoid Traffic Around The World November 21, 2014
    Previously only available in the U.S., Bing Maps is now helping travelers around the world avoid traffic jams with its Clearflow technology. According to Bing, Clearflow can predict traffic on roads that do not include live traffic data. Traffic issues across the globe will now be marked with red... Please visit Search Engine Land for […]
  • Bing Reveals Some Mobile Ranking Techniques & Relevancy Factors November 21, 2014
    Mir Rosenberg from the Bing Mobile Relevancy team posted some of the “factors at play” when it comes to how Bing determines mobile relevance and ranking in the mobile results. As you know, a couple weeks ago, Bing announced new mobile crawlers to help them discover and understand... Please visit Search Engine Land for the […]
  • Aruba Networks Enables “Blue-Dot” Indoor Navigation With Beacons November 21, 2014
    WiFi provider Aruba Networks used to offer retailers and others “blue-dot” indoor navigation using WiFi triangulation. However Apple’s recent decision in iOS 8 to randomize the iPhone’s MAC address changed all that — and may have effectively killed WiFi as an indoor... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • Google Keyword Planner Now Shows Conversion Estimates November 20, 2014
    Google announced today that conversion estimates have been added to the Keyword Planner tool in AdWords. Google will use an account’s historical conversion data, or users can enter their own conversion rates and conversion values to see how bid changes might impact metrics such as estimated... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • SearchCap: Firefox Picks Yahoo, Apple Maps Partners & Bing Home Page HD November 20, 2014
    Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: Free Ride? In Europe, Google Will Remain Firefox Search Default Despite No Deal How much does it cost to be Mozilla’s Firefox search provider in Europe?... Please visit Search Engine Land […]
  • SPONSOR MESSAGE: What Are The Marketers of The Future Learning? November 20, 2014
    For this unique white paper, Oracle asked 8 professors from top marketing universities to comment on the state of marketing today, what marketers need to focus on, B2B vs. B2C marketing, social, mobile and more. Some of the answers might surprise you. The post SPONSOR MESSAGE: What Are The... Please visit Search Engine Land for […]

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  • Friday Roundup: DM sharing on Twitter, a very merry Pinterest and more November 21, 2014
    Hello Friday followers, it’s time for another quick look at all those stories that were too small to print. The social networks keep tweaking their features and everyone is in the holiday spirit but whether it’ll be a good year or a so-so year depends on who you ask. Let’s get to it starting with […]
  • Facebook celebrates an increase in users while cutting branded posts down again November 21, 2014
    Facebook has good news and bad news. In short, the good news is that more people are visiting the site on a daily basis. In September 2014, there was an average of 864 million Daily Active Users (DAUs) which is an increase of 19% year-over-year. Mobile is growing at an incredible rate. Mobile DAUs were […]
  • Fashionistas in Texas would rather read emails on their smartphone November 20, 2014
    Fashionistas in Texas would rather read your email on their smartphone than on a desktop. It’s totally true, the new “Q3 2014 U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report” from Movable Ink says so. It’s starts with this map. Only 14 states lean toward desktop over a smartphone when it comes to reading their email, but that […]


  • Link Building: Where Should You Even Begin? Basic Guidelines to Link Building November 21, 2014
    The world of SEO seems to be constantly in flux. With each Google algorithm change comes an existential crisis for the industry, although hopefully we are over the worst excess of that era and the present zeitgeist is one which is likely to be around for a while. Link building is the bread and butter […]

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  • Online Marketing News: Shoppers Don’t Share, Men Pin Too, Facebook Groups Up November 21, 2014
    96% of Brands Worldwide Use Twitter - The use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram has become almost mandatory for brands, with more than nine in ten companies around the world using these platforms, reveals a new study. AllTwitter Facebook Reducing Overly Promotional Page Posts in News Feed - One of the main reasons people […]
  • 15 Women Who Rock Social Media at Top Tech Companies – Career Advice & Insights November 20, 2014
    To honor women who “rock” the social web, we’ve been publishing a list for the past 4 years and  2014 marks the 5th. That’s about 100 social media pros we’ve featured ranging from marketers to business owners to those using social media to advance a cause. Many of those honorees have reached out to share they’ve […]

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  • What I Learned In 2014 October 9, 2014
    (This is a highly personal post so if that isn’t your thing then you should move on.)  It’s not 2015 yet but I already know what I learned in 2014. I have Follicular Lymphoma. Here’s my story. Stomach Pain Last year I began to have some stomach issues. The first time it looked like it […]

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  • Uber’s smear machine thinks you’re a total idiot November 22, 2014
    Uber’s attempt to silence and smear journalists reporting on its business practices has moved into its next phase. Let’s call this one “Operation Nothing To See Here.” If you recall, earlier this week Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith reported that a senior Uber executive, Emil Michael, had boasted of a $1m plan to do “oppo” research on journalists who […]
  • What Medium’s big play for politicians says about the platform’s future November 21, 2014
    With the latest midterm elections at a close, politicians and analysts have now set their ramblings and pontificating on the 2016 Presidential race. With adoption on online networks even greater today than ever before, another parallel race appears to be taking shape: The fight between digital platforms to become the go-to destination whenever a politician or political operative […]
  • “A productive member of society”: Talking immigration with Jose Antonio Vargas November 21, 2014
    It’s been quite the week here at Pando, but at times like this it’s good to have one’s own problems put in perspective. So it was on Tuesday night when Sarah Lacy and I went to a screening room in San Francisco to watch Jose Antonio Vargas’ remarkable documentary, Documented. The film was originally released in 2013 but is […]

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  • The often overlooked reason why Facebook converts so well November 21, 2014
    See what’s immediately above this sponsored post? It shows that Joe Chernov, Jill Rowley, Robert Scoble, and a number of my friends like this company. Kapost is a content marketing software company, so they’ve managed to attract...
  • Facebook: Video posting on the rise for SMB pages November 21, 2014
    Video has become a growing part of Facebook’s ad strategy, and it seems like small businesses have taken note. The social network recently released some statistics to show how prevalent video is among small business pages....
  • From Messenger to Slingshot to Paper to Rooms: How successful are Facebook’s new apps? November 21, 2014
    Facebook attracts more than a billion mobile users each month and 66 percent of its revenues come from this channel. In fact, mobile users spend 20 percent of their mobile time on Facebook! Facebook’s success on...
  • Infographic: A look at Snapchat vs. Facebook November 20, 2014
    Facebook famously tried (and failed) to acquire Snapchat, and the time-bomb messaging app has built a loyal following of younger users. However, Snapchat (like Facebook) has not been without its share of controversy and privacy concerns....
  • Facebook adds structured status update feature to pages November 20, 2014
    Now your business on Facebook can talk about how the office is eating tacos or feeling hopeful. Facebook introduced the structured status update feature to pages today, as many pages have the ability to share a...
  • Using the Facebook Activity Log like a boss November 20, 2014
    If you have strict privacy settings on Facebook, chances are you know WHAT your Facebook Activity Log is. Especially if you have the option set to approve posts before they’re allowed to your timeline, which is...
  • Facebook platform news: Adobe, Nanigans November 19, 2014
    Big news this week from two Facebook Marketing Partners, as Adobe announced new data-driven marketing features added to the Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Nanigans goes cross-channel with a partnership with MoPub. Through Intelligent Location Marketing, Adobe...
  • How likely are you to tap a Facebook mobile ad? November 19, 2014
    Facebook, as has been said myriad times, is a mobile company. Mobile advertising is a cornerstone of the company’s revenue, so Spongecell wanted to find out how often and why people engage with mobile ads on...
  • Study: Local pages outperforming global pages for organic, paid interactions November 19, 2014
    For brands representing themselves on Facebook with both global and local pages, a recent study reveals that fans of a given local page are far more engaged than fans of the corresponding global page, and this...
  • Facebook creates FB Techwire, a resource for tech journalists November 18, 2014
    Facebook’s Storyful team announced its latest offering: FB Techwire, a resource of hot topics and important stories for tech journalists. Facebook’s Meghan Peters wrote about the new page: Since it launched in April, FB Newswire has made it easy for...

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  • Marketplaces Are Eating Firms November 23, 2014
    If software is eating the world, then marketplaces are one of the agents of destruction. Marketplaces are eating every type of firm on the planet. Let’s look at where the feasting is happening. Read More
  • How To Raise Venture Capital In A Frothy Market November 23, 2014
     Raising venture funding may have just gotten a little tougher. A major investor recently announced that venture capitalists are “taking on an excessive amount of risk right now – unprecedented since ’99.” Read More
  • Is It The Beginning Of The End For Cable Or Just A New Beginning? November 23, 2014
     In mid-October of this year, HBO dropped a bombshell — albeit a long-rumored one — with the news that it would launch a standalone streaming service sometime in 2015. The media and Game of Thrones fans everywhere immediately went into overdrive, analyzing every last one of the scarce details to death (What content will be […]
  • Google’s Nexus 6 Might Be Too Big For Right Now, But Right-Sized For The Future November 22, 2014
     As Greg Kumparak noted in the TechCrunch review of the Nexus 6, the phone is very large. Too large, in fact, for most humans. Back when it was just a rumor that Google would be picking Motorola to provide the Nexus 6 hardware, and that it would indeed be a monster with a 6-inch display, […]
  • Colombia Is One Of Latin America’s Most Promising New Tech Hubs November 22, 2014
     Ten years ago, the idea that Colombia would become a burgeoning hub for any dynamic industry beyond its notorious drug trade would have struck most observers as far-fetched. As recently as the turn of the century, conventional wisdom had it that the tropical, Andean nation was on the verge of becoming a failed state. Read […]
  • Elon Musk Testing ‘X-Wing’ Fins For Reusable Rockets, Seafaring Spaceport Drones For Landing November 22, 2014
     Let’s face it: Elon Musk is probably a time traveller sent back to help us leave earth behind and achieve the next phase of human evolution. The inventor and entrepreneur issued a minor tweet storm today, in which he detailed a new SpaceX program to test the function of “X-Wing” style grid fins that could […]
  • Debunking The 7 Myths of Marketing In The Enterprise November 22, 2014
     Over the last few months enterprise giants Oracle and Salesforce have put on shows featuring the likes of Hillary Clinton and Bruno Mars reminding all of us in the enterprise world that marketing matters. While most enterprise startups will never reach these levels of budget and glamour, this time of the year does serve as […]
  • Gillmor Gang: Cash or Charge November 22, 2014
     The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. Hard not to talk about Uber, given the clash between hubris and transformational momentum. The Gang swims in a sea of messaging apps, Facebook passport control, Google InBox immigration. Newspaper taxis appear on the shore, waiting to take you away. […]
  • Patrons Aims To Hook Your Office Up With Live Performances November 22, 2014
     Patrons is an app makes it easy to hook your place of business up with a band that has a little bit of free time before a performance. The idea is that the artist can pick up an extra gig while in town for another performance. It’s an offshoot from live music booking marketplace Gigit. […]

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  • 3 Inbound Marketing Insights You Need to Know
    Inbound marketing, on the level it's done today, just wasn't possible prior to the digital age. Technology was the key limitation. Advertising on TV, or in your local newspaper, for that matter, had to paint in broad strokes. You could look at demographics and do your best to plan, but ultimately you had no way […]
  • Be Omni-Present: The 'Be Everywhere' Mentality of Online Business
    Be Omni-Present. This simply means going where people are talking and engaging, and joining the conversation in a informal friendly way – the important thing as one member of the group said, is not where they are talking but that they ARE talking.
  • Creating Buyer Personas: What Every Start-Up Needs to Know
    You want your start-up to be successful, right? Then it is absolutely crucial to understand your customers and their motivations for buying your products or services.
  • Five Best Marketing Tricks These Shopping Sites Can Teach You
    Here is a comparative study of five shopping websites, to highlight the key factors that make them stand out in the e-commerce race. Read to find out how they make their online store generate better conversions.
  • Content Marketing: How to Get Ridiculously Awesome Reach with Minimal Effort
    10,908. That’s the number of eyeballs I’ve reached with the eight presentations I’ve uploaded to SlideShare. Can you imagine the fantastic reach you could earn for your content if you were using SlideShare with dedicated time and energy – backed by a specific, focused content strategy?

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  • How Bing and Your Mobile Device Became Friends November 20, 2014
    As we discussed in Meet our Mobile Bots recently, Bing probes websites using device-specific crawlers to understand if they provide a good experience on different devices and platforms and to inform our mobile ranking algorithms. Today we are joined by Mir Rosenberg from the Mobile Relevance team to add some color to the subject by discussing […]
  • Meet our Mobile Bots November 3, 2014
    In today’s post we are joined by Lee Xiong from the Bing Crawl team. Lee is going to discuss some new developments on the crawl front pertaining to mobile SEO.  Enjoy!  - Vincent We can all agree that mobile is the future. Actually, we can’t really say “mobile is the future” anymore. Mobile is the present. Mobile is now. […]

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  • Facebook Groups App: This Week in Social Media November 22, 2014
    Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week? Facebook Introduces Facebook Groups App: An app “that helps people share faster and more easily with all the groups in […]
  • Becoming Recommended: How to Build a Business Others Love Recommending November 21, 2014
    Do you rely on word of mouth to promote your business? Are you wondering how to get more people to recommend your product or service? To learn how to build a business that’s highly recommended, I interview Paul Rand. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from […]

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  • 5 Simple Steps to Evaluate SEO of A Website in 2014 November 19, 2014
    SEO strategies are constantly changing for the demands of search engines. Some strategies were really effective in the early 2000s, but nowadays they’re not. In the same light, what is now effective may not be later on. Updating strategies based on trends is the best practice I have ever experienced. From the mid-1990s, webmasters and content […]

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