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  • Buffer Updates Mobile App With Native IOS 8 Sharing & Full IPad Access October 23, 2014
    Social scheduling service Buffer rolled out an updated iOS app today, giving its users easier ways to share to social networks from Apple’s mobile devices. Buffer’s updated app for the first time offers full iPad access to the Buffer dashboard, the company said. It also takes advantage of native... Please visit Marketing Land for the […]
  • Microsoft Revs Beat ($23.2B) But It Sells Less Than 10M Phones October 23, 2014
    This afternoon Microsoft reported fiscal Q1 revenues and profit, beating Wall Street estimates for both the top and bottom lines. Quarterly gross revenues were $23.2 billion. Adjusted profit was $0.65 per share. The company’s “devices and consumer business” (Office home, Surface,... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Marketing Day: A New Mobile Ad Report, Polyvore Expands Its Promoted Ads Program & More October 23, 2014
    Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. From Marketing Land: SMX Social Keynote Takes Center Ice With Digital Media Director For @LAKings A few months ago, Marketing Land’s social media reporter Martin Beck... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • @SMX #Social Keynote Takes Center Ice With Digital Media Director For @LAKings October 23, 2014
    A few months ago, Marketing Land’s social media reporter Martin Beck profiled Pat Donahue’s (pictured above with the Stanley Cup) social media savvy as the NHL hockey team in Social Media Lessons From The Stanley Cup Champion Of Twitter. Noted for often hard-hitting jabs at competing... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Laphroaig Scotch Extends #OpinonsWelcome Campaign With Halloween-Themed Video And Signature Drink October 23, 2014
    Just in time for Halloween, Laphroaig Scotch is out with a timely extension to its #OpinionsWelcome campaign, which asks people to give their honest opinion about the whisky. The latest video in the series asks Halloween party-goers their Trick or Treat-like opinion of Laphroaig. The video is... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Mobile Ads Report: Android Women Click More, iOS Women Spend More October 23, 2014
    Women (moms in particular) are probably the most important target audience online. Various data sources argue that adult women with families control more than 80 percent of household spending. Women generally also tend to be more receptive to advertising and more likely to respond than men. That... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • Socialbakers Aims To Simplify Analytics With Social Health Index October 23, 2014
    How healthy are your business’ social media efforts? It’s a simple question with few simple answers, often leading down a rabbit hole of analytics data. Socialbakers believes it can help businesses out of that hole. Today the social media analytics and optimization company announced the... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • SMX West 2015 Registration Open – Best Rates Available Now, Save $300 October 23, 2014
    Search Marketing Expo – SMX West returns to Silicon Valley for its eighth year in March 2015! Featuring three days jam-packed with cutting-edge tactics, the program will include sessions on search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising (PPC), social media marketing, local search and... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
  • The Shifting Landscape Of Mobile October 23, 2014
    If you’ve been keeping your eyes open, the shift to a mobile-first world should come as no surprise. Even beyond the data itself, all you need to do is take a walk outside, step into a Starbucks line, or take a trip on a bus to see how many eyes are glued intently to mobile […]
  • Yandex 2014 3Q Earnings Report: Revenue Up 28% Over Last Year’s 3rd Quarter Results October 23, 2014
    Russian search engine Yandex released its 2014 third quarter earnings report yesterday, announcing a 28 percent increase in year-over-year revenue for the quarter, generating more than $313 million (RUR 13.1 billion). “Q3 was another strong quarter notable for an acceleration in growth of our... Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

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  • SearchCap: Germany Publishers & Google, Bing Ads Tracking & Search Mobile CTR October 23, 2014
    Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: Growing Your Business With Customer Reviews – October 30 Webcast Learn how capitalizing on the insights from customer reviews can increase search traffic... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full […]
  • SPONSOR MESSAGE: PPC Automation 2014: The ROI of Paid Search Automation October 23, 2014
    Download this white paper and learn how paid search automation can improve the effectiveness your campaigns. You’ll learn which paid search tasks can be automated and the specific benefits that paid search automation can provide. The post SPONSOR MESSAGE: PPC Automation 2014: The ROI of Paid... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • Growing Your Business With Customer Reviews – October 30 Webcast October 23, 2014
    Learn how capitalizing on the insights from customer reviews can increase search traffic and landing page conversion rates. Join Chris Silver Smith from Argent Media and Andrew Shotland from Local SEO Guide for this October 30 webcast. They’ll discuss how implementing a third-party customer... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • TomTom And deCarta Join Forces To Take On Google Maps October 23, 2014
    Personal navigation device (PND) and maps provider TomTom teamed up with independent mapping and local search company deCarta to offer developers an “end-to-end” alternative to Google Maps. The new joint offering provides connected mapping and navigation, local search and real-time... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • Bing Ads Launches Universal Event Tracking For Goal Tracking October 23, 2014
    Today, Bing Ads announced the global launch of Universal Event Tracking to allow advertisers to define and track goals specific to their businesses. The company also announced that Universal Event Tracking (UET) sets the stage for audience based remarketing scenarios, which will roll out... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • SMX West 2015 Registration Open – Best Rates Available Now, Save $300 October 23, 2014
    Search Marketing Expo – SMX West returns to Silicon Valley for its eighth year in March 2015! Featuring three days jam-packed with cutting-edge tactics, the program will include sessions on search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising (PPC), social media marketing, local search and... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • Beat Google’s Mobile Experience Algo (And Help Mobile Searchers) With These Two Tools October 23, 2014
    Columnist Bryson Meunier notes that Google will soon consider mobile user experience as a ranking factor. Use these tools to prepare your site! The post Beat Google’s Mobile Experience Algo (And Help Mobile Searchers) With These Two Tools appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • German Publishers To Google: We Want Our Snippets Back October 23, 2014
    German publishers want their snippets and thumbnails back. A consortium of roughly 200 companies, together known as “VG Media,” have said that the loss of traffic from the disappearance of these elements could cause some of their members “to go bankrupt.”  The publishers have been... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.
  • Keep Your AdWords Scripts Maintainable With These 3 Tips October 23, 2014
    If you’ve been using AdWords scripts for any substantial period of time, your account may feel like this messy bookshelf. There are unfinished scripts everywhere. Some scripts were added by the guy who left the company a few months ago, others by your intern who was curious and started... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full […]
  • Mobile Search Ranking Study: Rank Number One Or Not Rank At All October 23, 2014
    seoClarity has published a new click-through ranking study, this one not just looking at desktop search, but more importantly, mobile search. The study finds that if you do not rank in the number one position in the mobile results, the click-through rate drops off significantly, so much so that... Please visit Search Engine Land for […]

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  • 6 Lead Generation Strategies From Fast-Growing Startups by @LarryKim October 23, 2014
    I recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar on lead generation strategies with the incredibly knowledgeable Tim Paige, Conversion Educator at LeadPages. LeadPages is a dynamic software company headquartered in Minneapolis – and they’re growing fast. They just launched in 2012 and already have millions in revenue from over 30,000 customers. LeadPages hit a […]
  • Why Content Marketing Will Never Go Out of Style by @JuliaEMcCoy October 23, 2014
    Marketing has progressed a lot in the past decade: from TV, radio, newspaper, and billboard advertising to SEOs, pop-up ads, and banner ads. The public has moved on from traditional advertising. We can skip over commercials with DVR or avoid them entirely with online shows. Radio commercials can now be bypassed with an iPod or […]
  • The Perfect Equation for Directing Your Customer’s Journey by @shanejones15 October 23, 2014
    How can you sway your customers to follow through with conversions and transactions? You may be expecting an answer something along the lines of, “Change your social media button color to red and hopefully, the customer will follow you.” However, the answer is to understand what your customers’ want, need, and how to make those […]
  • What Google Learned From The Authorship Project: An Interview With Mark Traphagen by @brentcsutoras October 22, 2014
    A big thanks to our Pubcon 2014 sponsor, LinkResearchTools, your off-page SEO toolkit and Link Detox: Recover – Protect – Build. At Pubcon 2014 in Las Vegas I had the opportunity to speak with Mark Traphagen of Stone Temple Consulting about the future of Google Authorship. Since Google Authorship was introduced, it has been considered an important […]
  • Twitter Introduces Digits, A Password-Free Sign In Solution For Apps and Websites by @mattsouthern October 22, 2014
    Today at Twitter Flight, the company’s first mobile developer conference, a new sign in service called Digits was introduced. Digits is being touted as a new way for users to sign into apps and websites without the use of a password. With Digits you only need a phone number, which Twitter promises is safe and […]
  • Google Reinvents The Email Experience With New ‘Inbox’ App by @mattsouthern October 22, 2014
    Today, Google announced the launch of a brand new email app that was said to be years in the making. From the creators of Gmail comes a new email experience called Inbox. Google describes Inbox as “a completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters.” The new app aims to solve […]
  • #Halloween E-Commerce: How Much Do People Spend to Celebrate October 31st? [INFOGRAPHIC] by @wonderwall7 October 22, 2014
    With my favorite holiday of the year fast approaching, and my annual viewings of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus out of the way, I thought this infographic on e-commerce spending surrounding Halloween was really interesting. Can you believe that almost $7 billion is spent annually on costumes? Add that to decorations and candy, […]
  • How to Run Facebook Ads for an E-Commerce Site by @esornoso October 22, 2014
    Facebook has a vast potential for businesses. But it can be difficult and frustrating knowing where to start, and how to proceed. I’m hoping this quick guide can point you in the right direction. Whether you have a large or small business, advertising through Facebook is one way to create buzz for your products, get conversions, and […]
  • Enterprise SEM & Big Data: An Interview with Ira Kates by @wonderwall7 October 21, 2014
    At Pubcon Las Vegas I had the opportunity to catch up with Ira Kates, Sr. Digital Business Strategist at 360i to discuss his unique experiences of working in both the enterprise and B2C sectors. In the video below, Kates explains the difference between SEM for enterprise versus SEM for the B2C sector: Here are some […]
  • Penguin 3.0 A Refresh Affecting 1% of English Queries, Google Confirms by @mattsouthern October 21, 2014
    Google engineer, Pierre Far, shed some new light this morning on the Penguin 3.0 update that was confirmed to have starting rolling out this past Friday. In a post on Google+, Far revealed that Penguin 3.0 is actually a refresh and not a full-fledged update. It will affect fewer than 1% of queries in US […]

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  • Twitter takes flight with new a mobile developer platform October 23, 2014
    Twitter took one giant step closer to the big boys this week when they held their first developer conference in San Francisco. The event was appropriately called Flight and from there Twitter launched Fabric. (I’d love to see a list of the names they discarded before landing on that one! Why didn’t they call it […]
  • The chat room revisited: Facebook Labs launches Rooms October 23, 2014
    Social media is moving backwards. That may sound like a bad thing but I think it’s a wonderful thing. We started out meeting in chat rooms talking with people from all over the world who shared a common interest. From apples to zeppelins, if you were into it, there was a chat room for it. […]
  • Groupon pivots with the rollout of Pages October 22, 2014
    Where do you go if you want to get the real scoop on local businesses? Yelp? Angie’s List? Groupon? Groupon just announced the launch of 7 million new merchant listings called Pages; “making Groupon the first place to go for ratings, tips, money-saving opportunities and other useful information for local businesses in the United States.” […]


  • Boosting Your E-commerce Profits October 24, 2014
    Building an online business can be complex and tricky, not least as most customers now turn to the internet to make their purchases rather than physically go into a store. Imagine the frustration it saves around Christmas. With this in mind, websites are determined to make purchasing on their websites extremely easy for their customers. […]

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  • Better Business Blogging – 7 Lessons Learned from Writing 1 Million Words October 23, 2014
    Blogging for over 10 years has been quite a journey to say the least. During that time, I’ve had my share of challenges, opportunities, disappointments and surprises. Back when I started, there’s no way I would have imagined having so many things to say for so long or anticipated what impact ongoing content creation would […]
  • 3 Ways to Optimize Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing Success October 21, 2014
    While nearly 90% of companies are using social media for marketing, the distance between “using” and “succeeding” is of Grand Canyon proportions. In the early stages of social media marketing maturity, business use of social media tends to go through a series of phases from not doing anything to beginning to monitor social channels to sharing […]

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  • What I Learned In 2014 October 9, 2014
    (This is a highly personal post so if that isn’t your thing then you should move on.)  It’s not 2015 yet but I already know what I learned in 2014. I have Follicular Lymphoma. Here’s my story. Stomach Pain Last year I began to have some stomach issues. The first time it looked like it […]

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  • We asked Yahoo cofounder Jerry Yang: How much will China’s tech companies shape the new global economy? October 24, 2014
    Alibaba. Tencent. Baidu. We hear the company names and we see their impressive valuations. But very few Westerners actually use these products and services, and therefore it’s difficult to sense how big a role they will play in shaping the new global economy, particularly because of China’s attitudes toward censorship and Internet freedom. These uncertainties arose at tonight’s […]
  • Aneel Bhusri on disruption and taking on Oracle: “It always comes from the upstarts” October 24, 2014
    The first generation of enterprise software giants badly missed “the cloud.” There might be no better real world example of the innovator’s dilemma. Stalwarts like Oracle and SAP largely ignored the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, willingly ceding what they viewed as a small opportunity to any upstart willing to make a play for it. Many tried. […]
  • Listen again to this week’s PandoLIVE October 24, 2014
    Most of the airtime of this week’s PandoLIVE call-in show was given over to our discussion about Whisper’s current privacy scandal. Fortunately, though, there was still time to talk about our sponsor Rackspace’s plan to murder children and turn them into delicious jam. I suspect they’re going to regret trusting us to ad-lib their ads […]

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  • SPMD Nanigans’ Q3 Facebook ads report: Global CTR up 195 percent YoY October 23, 2014
    Nanigans, a Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, released its latest Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report recently, which features insight on marketplace trends seen by Nanigans customers in Q3 2014. The report found that CTRs for Facebook ads...
  • Facebook’s newest app: Rooms, for iOS October 23, 2014
    Facebook’s Creative Labs team announced Thursday the newest app — Rooms, available for iOS. Through Rooms, users can create spaces for content about whatever they want and invite friends. It’s also a great way to foster...
  • Facebook SMB head Dan Levy addresses organic reach, personalized help and video October 23, 2014
    Dan Levy, Facebook’s Director of Small Business, knows that you want more direct help and response from Facebook. The small business department has been reaching out to frustrated page owners, guiding them through advertising features such...
  • Facebook allows page admins to save, backdate posts October 22, 2014
    Facebook recently gave many page admins a powerful feature: the ability to save drafts of posts and backdate posts. Through this feature, page admins can now compose a draft of a post, save it for later,...
  • Facebook changing PMD program to Facebook Marketing Partners October 22, 2014
    Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program may be getting a new look. Earlier today, Facebook announced on the Facebook for Business page that the PMD program will be renamed Facebook Marketing Partners. According to sister site AllFacebook, the...
  • Facebook’s cookie-free targeting with Atlas: one step closer to Minority Report? October 22, 2014
    If you saw the Tom Cruise movie “Minority Report,” you probably remember the scene when he walks by The Gap and a retinal scan triggers a series of advertisements that also include a history of his...
  • Inside Facebook interview with Media Shower: What do Facebook page owners need to know? October 21, 2014
    Inside Facebook editor Justin Lafferty recently conducted an interview with Media Shower, talking about the history of Inside Facebook, the state of Facebook marketing and how page admins can adjust their mindsets for success. Here’s an...
  • How should you value your Facebook fans? October 21, 2014
    (This is an excerpt from Todd Denis’ detailed post about Facebook fan value on Augmo.) What should you pay for a Facebook fan heading into 2015? Common sense and the average marketing budget says it’s about $1 per fan –...
  • Facebook tested feature that identified valuable, irrelevant fans October 21, 2014
    Recently, Facebook tested a feature that apparently told page admins which fans were valuable or irrelevant. The test was first spotted by Inside Facebook reader Matteo Gamba. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that this was something the site...
  • Facebook rolls out more descriptive hover cards October 20, 2014
    Facebook has added more context to its hover cards. Now, when you mouse over a friend’s name in chat or on News Feed or timeline, you can see more detailed information. The format for hover cards...

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  • PPC Insights for the Tourism & Travel Industry October 23, 2014
    Series week continues as we assess PPC management across different industries. Yesterday, Kevin covered the Healthcare industry. Today, Kristina is discussing the Tourism and Travel industry.   When I think of the … Read more at
  • Get Tips With The Leading Experts In PPC! October 23, 2014
    Every week, our own Hanapin and PPC Hero account managers (and in-house experts) conduct webinars packed with tips, tricks, and actionable takeaways that will turbocharge your accounts and bring you … Read more at
  • How to Keep Your Agency on Top of Holiday Ecommerce Planning – New Whitepaper! October 23, 2014
    Most digital advertisers already know that the holidays aren’t just a time for shopping — they’re an even more crucial time for selling. But what many don’t know is how … Read more at
  • Miami. In January. Need We Say More? October 22, 2014
    We’re excited to announce the newest Hero Conf Summit, created for serious digital advertisers in competitive markets. Once your busy holiday season has subsided, take some time to learn important new … Read more at
  • How To Run PPC Accounts in the Cutthroat Healthcare Vertical October 22, 2014
    Series week continues as we assess PPC management across different industries. Yesterday Rachael covered PPC for the IT and Technology industry. Today, Kevin covers the healthcare industry, and specifically business-to-business. Read more at
  • Morning Clicks: Google’s Latest Releases and More October 22, 2014
    What's the latest with Google? The sixth penguin update was released for Google and is expected to effect 1% of queries. Read more at
  • Pay-Per-Click Inside the Financial Services Vertical October 21, 2014
    Series week continues as we assess PPC management across different industries. This morning Rachael  covered PPC for the IT and Technology industry. In case you missed it, yesterday Matt discussed PPC for the legal … Read more at

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  • Here’s A Sneak Peak At MotionSavvy’s UNI Sign Language Interpretation Device October 23, 2014
     MotionSavvy, the San Francisco startup working on tech to help the deaf communicate, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to commercialize its first product, UNI. The UNI app works with Leap Motion technology to translate each hand sign from American sign language and translates it into audible words on a tablet. We first wrote about the tech […]
  • Amazon Fire Phone Flops October 23, 2014
     Given that Amazon was tanking the price of the Fire Phone down to 99 cents two months after launch (leading to many a “Fire sale!” joke), this probably won’t come as much of a surprise: the Fire Phone isn’t a success. On the Amazon earnings call today, Amazon noted that the company was taking a […]
  • Amazon Tanks 10% After Reporting Larger Than Expected Third Quarter Loss October 23, 2014
     Amazon reported lower than expected revenue in its third quarter, and a larger than expected loss. Analysts expected the company to lose $0.74 on revenue of $20.84 billion. Instead, Amazon lost $0.95 per share on revenue of $20.58 billion. That per-share loss works out to a net loss for the firm of $437 million. Read […]
  • Australian Service Directory Site Oneflare Raises $876,000 For International Expansion October 23, 2014
     Oneflare, a local services marketplace based in Sydney, Australia, has raised an additional $1 million AUD (about $876,000), bringing its total funding so far to $1.5 million AUD (about $1.3 million). Investors include Les Szekely of Equity Venture Partners, Garry Visontay, of the Sydney Seed Fund and Dr. Jeffrey Tobias of The Strategy Group. The […]
  • Microsoft Up 3% After Reporting Better Than Expected FQ1 Revenue Of $23.20B, EPS Of $0.54 October 23, 2014
     After gaining more than 1 percent in regular trading, Microsoft reported its fiscal first quarter 2015 earnings: Revenue totaled $23.20 billion in the period, leading to profits of $0.54 per share. The revenue figure represents a 25 percent year-over-year increase, a large piece of which is due to the Nokia hardware acquisition. Read More
  • PlayStation 4 Update Coming On 10/28 Lets You Play Games With Friends Who Don’t Own A Copy October 23, 2014
     Back in August, Sony started teasing a new feature it calls “Share Play.” Though we’re still waiting to see just how well it works, the idea itself is wonderful: once enabled, you can let your friends play your games with you (or by themselves, even) from across the vast Interwebs without them actually owning a […]
  • Researchers Want To Send Us To The Moon Using Robots And Oculus Rift October 23, 2014
     A researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, Daniel Shafrir, and his team want to do something incredible: they want to send a rover to the moon and then let us, the Earthlings, control it and look out of its stereoscopic cameras as it tumbles around that barren alien rock. The researchers are working to win a […]
  • With 40 Million Downloads, betaworks-Backed Dots Gets A Refreshed Logo October 23, 2014
     Dots, the betaworks-backed gaming studio led by Paul Murphy and Patrick Moberg, has today announced a rebranding for the company. The new logo takes inspiration from Charles Eames, according to a Medium post, and uses colors from the first iteration of Dots while incorporating the newer, and more popular, TwoDots game into the company logo. […]
  • Surface Revenue, Redux October 23, 2014
     In about an hour, Microsoft will release the results of its most recent quarter, the first quarter of its fiscal 2015. The company is expected to report revenue of $22 billion, and earnings per share between $0.49 and $0.55, depending on which set of averaged estimates you trust. That will all come shortly. For now, […]

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  • Storytelling Using Social Media: 9 Way to Tell Your Story [SLIDESHARE] October 24, 2014
    In my recent blog post “Personal Branding 101: Whats Your Story” I discussed the importance of story telling and understanding what your story is before you worry about building a personal brand. To my surprise many brands and leaders when asked how they can share their stories with their community believe they must give a […]
  • A Call for Social Media Restraint During a Crisis October 23, 2014
    Tuesday, October 23: At 12:43 today, I watched the tweet stream about the Ottawa shooting with horror. The story unfolding in 140-character bites, complete with pictures and up to the minute snapshots on the scene. Photos of victims, police and journalists are flooding the #Ottawashooting hashtag. There are faces and places in all those snaps. […]
  • 15 Reasons Why Google Search Page Has Just 3 Buttons October 23, 2014
    Google is the most viewed website in the entire world. And while this may not come as a big surprise for those that use Google, it’s quite astonishing when you step back and realize that this site has one of the most simplistic designs on the entire internet. Here are 15 reasons why the Google […]
  • "But What Should I Tweet?" Said the Small Business Owner October 23, 2014
    As a business owner, by now you already know that using social media such as Twitter can give your website or brand a boost in search engine rankings. Indeed, according to some internet marketing experts, participating in social media is not optional but mandatory if you're serious about establishing your brand authority in the field. […]
  • Design B2B Marketing Content in Pursuit of Inquiry October 23, 2014
    In writing my new book, Digital Relevance, I spent a lot of time thinking about how a digital approach changes a lot of things, including the opportunity we have to become more relevant to our audiences.An obvious line of thought, given the title of the book, right?But here's the thing. Most marketers have gotten so […]

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  • Quick! We’ve Doubled our Webmaster Sign-Up Credit! October 23, 2014
    Two weeks ago I told you how to get $100* in free advertising credit by becoming a new Bing Ads user if you had a Bing Webmaster Tools account. As it turned out, many of you seized this opportunity to claim your ad credit, just in time for the holiday season. And for those of […]
  • Building Authority & Setting Expectations October 17, 2014
    Authority is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “a person or organization having power or control in a particular, typically political or administrative, sphere”. For our purposes, we also understand that “authority” conveys a sense of trust and influence. Searchers generally want authoritative sources to engage with. They want to be able to trust the […]

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  • 8 Types of Rich Media to Share on Google+ October 23, 2014
    Want new ways to benefit from Google+? Have you shared rich media on Google+? When you provide rich media within Google+, you maximize the reach and engagement of each piece of content and make it easy for visitors to consume. Here are eight types of rich media content to share on Google+. Why Rich Media […]
  • How to Use the LinkedIn Data Export Tool to Improve Your Marketing October 22, 2014
    Do you want to analyze your past interactions on LinkedIn? Do you want information that could help you understand your LinkedIn behavior? The LinkedIn Data Export tool offers deeper insight into your LinkedIn activity. In this article I’ll share the seven export files you can use to target ads, build keyword lists, create a list of connections […]

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  • 20 Awesome Tools That Dramatically Increased SEO Hacker’s Productivity October 21, 2014
    Every month we produce reports to show clients our efforts, and how they generated something beneficial. Having many clients, one month is too short to do everything. In link building alone, the process is so tedious that we need more innovative people who will make this a non-boring feat that can be accomplished in less than […]

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